Vision without action is a daydream.


Strategic Advising


Tap into Adaptiv's insight on social, economic, and environmental sustainability for your next big project. From periodic assistance to hands-on, direct involvement, Adaptiv is here to serve as your guide through the vast opportunities (and pitfalls) of sustainability.



Training + Facilitation

With extensive experience in classroom instruction and team training and facilitation, Adaptiv can help your team use the lens of sustainability to look at complex and persistent problems in a new and refreshing light.  



Research + Analysis

Got data on operational costs? Customer behavior? Employee productivity? We've got perspective that can help you reduce waste, enhance stakeholder engagement, and identify opportunities for efficiency.



Coaching + Mentoring

Creating a culture shift toward sustainability at your business or organization requires your team to adopt the knowledge (and behaviors) that will contribute to that culture. Coaching and mentoring can enable and accelerate that process.